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         Walking Thunder, one of my NAID boys. 



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All our Indian Dogs came from Karen Markel in Lowell Michigan. 

The rare and Hypoallergenic Native American Indian Dog.

Now breeding the Native American Indian Dog with the German Shepherd, German Indian Dog, this breed is Hypoallergenic and a Registered Breed.


The delivery fee is $450.00 to most areas East Coast, West of Arkansas is $600.00 to $800.00

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NAID  Native American Indian Dog

SID  Native American Indian Dog x Siberian Husky

NAS Native American Indian Dog x Belgian Shepherd

GID  Native American Indian Dog x German Shepherd

   All are Hypoallergenic 

www.NuVet.com  Code 40005  800-474-7044

 I will not sell a puppy to a home that plans on putting their new puppy in a crate while they sleep or while they are at work. My dogs deserve a lot better than that kind of life. I will not let my puppies go to a home that plans on putting it on a cable run eighter. My sales contract states I have the right to take the dog back if I find this is happening. I Love my puppies very much and they MUST ALL go to great homes only. 


   German Indian Dog boy at 9 wks old.

   German Indian Dog girl at 9 wks old. 






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